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Usinage Marcotte inc. was established in 1992 by Mr. Hugues Marcotte. Located in Barraute, the company included Mr. Gabriel Marcotte (father), his son Hugues and two employees. Operating from a 2,000 sq. ft. workshop,  the small company strived to provide machining, welding and manufacturing services for the forestry, mining and agriculture industries.

In 1995, the workshop was relocated in Val-d’Or to increase its floor surface to 4000 sq. ft, thus allowing Usinage Marcotte Inc. to better serve its ever-growing customer base.

In 2002, the workforce had reached a total of 18 full-time employees in addition to a complete field crew of 16 workers providing on-site support to customers and the company had started supplying the diamond drill industry with customized parts and equipment.

By 2012, the company had expanded its facility twice to reach a work surface of 15,000 sq. ft, built a 3,000 sq. ft paint shop and acquired a new 5,000 sq. ft building to centralize its machining division. With 60 employees working in the technical department, a growing administration team and an impressive team of welders, machinists and mechanics, the company had acquired sophisticated machine tools and a large plasma cutting table amongst other equipment.

Today, Usinage Marcotte Inc has 63 permanent employees working in five different buildings: a 15,000 sq ft building housing the administrative headquarters, the main welding facility and the warehouse; a 13,800 sq. ft welding shop; a 5,000 sq ft machining facility, a 5,000 sq ft facility for assembling, testing and developing products; and a 3,000 sq. ft paint shop.

What makes us push forward

Giving the best after-sales services to our customer base and being a leader in diamond drill manufacturing is what motivates Usinage Marcotte Inc to improve day after day. Its strategy to achieve that goal: consistently investin people, infrastructures and processes.

Passion for manufacturing and engineering
Dedication to achieve the highest standards in manufacturing
Quality of every products manufactured by UMVD
Innovation in drilling


  • Martin Doyon
    Martin Doyon Project Manager, co-owner

    Martin Doyon has more than 25 years in the drilling industry with a passion for designing drilling innovations. His father was working in the drilling industry for many years.   Martin manages all international sales and support.


  • Ghislain Fournier
    Ghislain Fournier Project Manager - co-owner

    Ghislain Fournier knows the mining industry since more than 30 years and he is specialized in all manufacturing aspect of the planning and welding to make custom steel structure for mining companies.  Ghislain is now base from the Sherbrooke, Qc factory and  he manage the new paint and welding department.

  • Hughes Marcotte
    Hughes Marcotte CEO - President

    CEO – President, Hugues always being surrounded with manufacturing and machining parts with his Dad, Gabriel.  He was a machinist and working on designing parts when he started the company in 1992.  Hugues passion for hunting keep him busy in his spare rare time.

“We can implement all typesof innovations withinour product line. We were the first Canadian manufacturer to build a fully electric production vehicle for underground drilling.”


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