Laser metal cutting solution for Marcotte

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Marcotte improves its production capacity with a laser metal cutting solution.

Marcotte is proud to announce its latest acquisition. A new TruLaser 2030 laser cutting table, manufactured by Trumpf, the leader of machine tool and laser technology for industrial manufacturing, is a step in Marcotte’s program to improve its production capabilities.

This new laser cutting table will allow Marcotte to offer a greater production capacity for parts intended for the design and assembly of Marcotte drills, but also for all the parts necessary for the realization of structures and installations for the mining sector, another of Marcotte’s fields of expertise.

With such high precision tooling and high production capacity, the cutting process will be accelerated considerably. A greater quantity of parts can also be produced in Marcotte’s plants, thus increasing the manufacturer’s production capacity. A higher quality of finish of the parts produced by these plants will allow Marcotte to reach higher quality standards. This method of metal cutting will also allow Marcotte to increase the durability of its customized components necessary for the manufacturing of its range of drills, but also for the replacement parts produced for the maintenance of models already in operation.

TruLaser 2030. Marcotte's new acquisition

Laser metal cutting table TruLaser 2030. Marcotte’s new acquisition in metal cutting.

To be more specific, this new equipment will allow Marcotte to make cuts on all types of metals, including aluminum and stainless. These cuts can be made on metals up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick. Engrave and drill parts in the same operation as the cutting. Identify the bending lines to facilitate and add precision to the parts that will go to a second finishing step.

Precision laser cutting on all types of metals.

Precision laser cutting on all types of metals, including aluminum and stainless steel, up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick.

All this in record time, regardless of the thickness and type of material to be processed. The management of the double assembly tray where the metal plates to be cut are deposited is the only source of downtime in the process to make the exchange between the cut pieces and the next plate to be cut.

Speed of the cuts

A pivoting laser head allows the head to adapt to the detachment of the parts already cut on the cutting table, thus reducing the risk of head breakage and the speed of the cuts.

All of these qualities, combined with the increased precision of the cuts, also make it easier to assemble the parts together at the time of assembly. Whether they are welded together or assembled by any other assembly method.

A fully automated head changeover

A fully automated head changeover allowing for greater speed and fewer breaks in the cutting process.

Combined with Marcotte’s engineering department, which designs and develops the most innovative tools and structures for the mining industry, the realization of the components essential to their production will become simpler and of the highest quality. This new manufacturing technology will allow Marcotte to continue to advance its evolution in all solutions offered to the exploration and mining sector.

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