Usinage Marcotte

Laser metal cutting solution for Marcotte

Marcotte improves its production capacity with a laser metal cutting solution. Marcotte is proud to announce its latest acquisition. A new TruLaser 2030 laser cutting table, manufactured by Trumpf, the leader of machine tool and laser technology for industrial manufacturing, is a step in [...]


MARCOTTE becomes a Distributor of Biodegradable Lubricants

For 30 years now, Marcotte has been Designing and Manufacturing equipment and their components with excellence, efficiency and durability in mind. It was therefore natural for us to offer maintenance and lubrication products that meet our highest standards so that our products excel in all [...]


30 Years of Expertise and a Brand to Match

To celebrate our 30 years of existence, we are proud to mark the year 2022 as a new stage in the evolution of our company. We are deploying a new image to support our ambitions. The MARCOTTE brand becomes, more than ever, the symbol of innovation and quality of our products and services in the [...]


New Marcotte Machining workshop expansion in East-Angus, Eastern Township, Quebec, Canada

A new workshop, East Angus is proud welcoming Marcotte Machining in the Eastern Township region.  The new building will be 14 070 square foot in size with 20 employees.


HTM 2500 onTrack with remote hydraulic option

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