MARCOTTE – Distributor of MADLube lubricants
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MARCOTTE becomes a MadLube distributor. MADLube offers a range of high-performance lubricants to optimize your equipment.

MARCOTTE and MADLube join forces to offer high-performance lubricants to the mineral exploration drilling industry.

Lubrifiants Madlube

MARCOTTE, a leading manufacturer of mining exploration drills, is proud to announce its new partnership with MADLube, the manufacturer of MADLube high-performance lubricants. This partnership will enable MARCOTTE to offer its customers a complete range of lubricants designed to maximize the performance and service life of drilling equipment.


Cutting-edge technology for unrivalled protection

MADLube lubricants feature state-of-the-art technology based on anti-friction, anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives. This technology extends lubricant and equipment life, while reducing energy consumption. The lubricants can also withstand extreme temperatures, from -50°C to over 800°C.

A complete range of MADLube lubricants to meet every need

MADLube offers a wide range of lubricants to meet the specific needs of the mineral exploration drilling industry. This range includes hydraulic fluids, transmission oils, greases and specialized lubricants.

Unrivalled customer expertise

MARCOTTE and MADLube are committed to providing their customers with superior service. Both companies have a team of experts who can help you choose the right lubricant for your needs and optimize the performance of your equipment.

A partnership that benefits the mineral exploration drilling industry

This partnership between MARCOTTE and MADLube is excellent news for the mineral exploration drilling industry. Mining companies can now take advantage of high-performance lubricants to improve performance and reduce operating costs.

For more information on the MADLube product range distributed by MARCOTTE, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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