30 Years of Expertise and a Brand to Match
To celebrate our 30 years of existence, we are proud to mark the year 2022 as a new stage in the evolution of our company. We are deploying a new image to support our ambitions. bitions.
The MARCOTTE brand becomes, more than ever, the symbol of innovation and quality of our products and services in the mining industry, both nationally and internationally.
Yellow safety helmet with Marcotte signature on side and 30 Years logo in background

Since its modest beginnings in 1992, Usinage Marcotte has never ceased to deploy its ingenuity in the service of the local forestry, agricultural and mining industries. The years have allowed an important growth, as much on the level of infrastructure, processes, types of products, as on the level of competence of our 70 employees in Quebec. Even today, we are actively responding to a wide range of needs of these industries. And we add to that, the design and manufacture of complete drills and components that allow for smarter drilling, with optimal results and performance in all locations.


To enhance the recognition of our products internationally, it became essential to evolve our image and simplify our name to create a brand that distinguishes us while respecting our assets.

MARCOTTE, thus becomes our new brand image. Simpler, stronger.

Our expert employees in our Abitibi and Eastern Townships facilities are proud to meet the highest standards of quality. MARCOTTE has now become a major player in the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment and components for the international mining sector.

Our new MARCOTTE image expresses pride in our achievements, our strengths and our ingenuity. It is also a pledge of the quality of our services and products and the assurance of a sustained partnership with our customers, today and in the years to come.