MARCOTTE now distributes biodegradable lubricants BioTech-Lube
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For over 30 years now, MARCOTTE has been designing and manIt was therefore natural for us to offer maintenance and lubrication products that meet our highest standards. So it was only natural that we should be able to offer maintenance and lubrication products that meet our highest standards, so that our products excel in all places and under all conditions.

BioTech-Lube synthetic and semi-synthetic biodegradable lubricants are the result of over 20 years of evolving technology. Manufactured in Canada from renewable natural sources, they meet the OECD’s global environmental biodegradability standards in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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In addition to considerably reducing the impact on the environment, they offer increased protection for equipment and components and better performance than conventional mineral lubricants. In addition, their fluidity point drops to -60ºC: a must for arctic climates.
Every year, thousands of liters of mineral-based oil are released into the environment. The consequences are devastating. The importance of using environmentally friendly products is greater than ever.

We are proud to offer BioTech-Lube products that protect our environment while optimizing the performance and service life of your equipment.

Another MARCOTTE innovation that offers you uncompromising performance and respect for the environment!