Marcotte HTM
Our surface drilling solutions

Marcotte HTM surface drills are designed in Val d’Or, Canada, and tested on drilling sites around the world.

Their exceptional reliability and performance make Marcotte HTM models the ultimate core drills. Their robust mechanical components and unique Marcotte drill head are easy to service. With their patented safety features and optional rod manipulator, the Marcotte HTM1500 and Marcotte HTM2500 core drills are the benchmark in Canada.

Choosing a drilling rig based on its drilling depth capacity

With drilling depth capacities ranging from +2,000 meters (+8,300 ft) to 3,000 meters (+9,840 ft), Marcotte HTM surface drills (HTM1500 and HTM2500) meet the requirements of the most demanding diamond core drilling projects.


2023 m
(8366 ft)


3000 m
(9843 ft)

Marcotte Cyborg

What is CYBORG?
MARCOTTE’s technological answer designed to meet the realities of mining drilling.

The new MARCOTTE CYBORG technology is based on the addition of new automated functions to some of our MARCOTTE drilling rig ranges. A technology that allows you to monitor and optimize your rig’s operations, while increasing the safety of drilling activities.

CYBORG is also a range of accessories that can be added to certain models of MARCOTTE drills already in operation, for greater precision and autonomy.

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